Photo: Lorne Power

Let's Dance! 

In previous years, the SJ Community Movement Project brought non-dancers together to create a dance to be performed at one of our site-specific or kick-off party events.

This year, we are sending out a call to all movers: individuals & families to show us their moves and submit a short clip of them dancing. Videos submitted will be edited together along to the soundtrack of “Never Knowing” by Ladd & Lasses and shared through social media and CDW website demonstrating our community moving together, separately.

Deadline for Video Submissions: July 3

Videos can be emailed to:

Need some ideas? Check out this sample video & have fun! 
Additional Details: 

You are invited to submit a short video clip (no longer than 15 seconds) of yourself or a friend or family member (or pet!) dancing / moving to the soundtrack "Never Knowing" by Ladd & Lasses. 

Please email your submission in .mp4 or .mov format to no later than Friday, July 3. 

The video can be of an individual, group, family, pet, etc. and may feature the whole body, or just hands or feet. You don't need to show your face if you would prefer to remain anonymous. 

The final edit may include your full submission, or a shorter edited clip. Please provide your name if you would like to be recognized in a list of performers shown during the credits. 

By submitting a video, you agree to have your video shared online. The final video will be shared on the Connection Dance Works website and social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook and Instagram. The final video may also be used for future marketing purposes. 

If you have any questions, please contact 


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