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Community Movement Project

SJCDF 2024

The Community Movement Project is a series of movement workshops held uptown Saint John. Unleash your creativity through the exploration of movement in a series of warm-ups and directed improvisations to live music. These workshops offer an opportunity to delve into the possibilities of rhythm, tempo, and the intrinsic relationship between movement and music. No prior dance experience is necessary – all are welcome!

We’re thrilled to welcome Darryl Tracy this summer for a captivating community movement piece. It’s an incredible opportunity to engage with our community through the art of dance.

Description for Bricks and Mortar Dance Project:

How do we unite and animate a space, infusing it with life and energy? How do we cultivate receptivity and responsiveness while simultaneously guiding and leading?

Under the guidance of Darryl Tracy, the Bricks and Mortar Dance Project is a community-based endeavour aimed at inhabiting spaces in Uptown Saint John with 15-20 dancers/movers, all moving in harmony and sharing an improvised-based score for the Saint John Contemporary Dance Festival in July 2024. These participants will encompass individuals of all ages, experience levels and abilities. Darryl Tracy, along with Connection Dance Works and the First City School of Dance, aim to recruit 15-20 participants who will collectively rehearse prior to the July performance where audiences can witness a collective language being formed before their eyes. Enhanced by music accompaniment by Saint John’s Ian Gibson, this promises to be a delightful summer spectacle.

Timeline: Workshops for the project will take place on July 20, 21 & 22 (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday).

The performance is scheduled for early evening on Wednesday, July 23rd.

If you’re interested in being part of this exciting project, please email us at to express your interest

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