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Saturday, July 20

Contemporary Dance Workshop with EYAS Dance Project
1:00 - 2:30 PM - First City School of Dance

Intermediate / Advanced Dancers

16 years +

$15 - RSVP

Sensorial Improvisation workshop is focused on a fundamentally physical investigation that layers rich imagery, sensations and a deep listening to the body. The tasks during the class are cumulative, creating a physically challenging and multi sensorial experience. The nature of this exploration permits that each dancer can find and cultivate a personal and deep connection to their body in movement while stimulating the senses and imagination. Participants increase their proprioception, encouraging the connection to pleasure, rhythm and joy as transforming forces. 

Led by Seth Buckley & Carlos González

Sunday, July 21

Movement Workshop with EYAS Dance Project & Chroma NB

1:00 - 2:30 PM - InterAction School of Performing Arts

For all levels / No experience necessary!


Sensorial Improvisation: A movement class open to everyone regardless of age or body. In this workshop we invite ourselves to awaken consciousness and connection with our bodies through guided movement. Drawing from tools such as improvisation and meditation, we connect to physical sensations, the joy of moving, pleasure and effort. It is important to note that it is also a safe space to feel silly or even embarrassed. All of that is part of being human and we aren't ashamed!

We suggest all participants come wearing comfortable clothes that feel good to move in and a water bottle.

As Queer artists ourselves, we are eager to connect with the community in Saint John and provide an experience where we can connect to the pleasure of movement and awaken sensations in our bodies. The workshop will be led within the framework of Sensorial Improvisation and is geared towards all bodies, with or without previous experience in dance. 



About Chroma NB

Chroma: Pride, Inclusion, Equality Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides support for 2SLGBTQIA+ people in the Saint John Region. Chroma commits to advocating for and collaborating with our community, as well as providing 2SLGBTQIA+ education to all. We promote positive initiatives for the community and conduct research to highlight gaps in services and policy to encourage positive change.


About EYAS Dance Project

EYAS Dance Project is a contemporary dance company and artistic production hub that was founded in 2018 by co-directors, creators and dancers Carlos González and Seth Buckley.


Carlos González and Seth Buckley are multidisciplinary and transgressive artists that don’t play by the rules; they rewrite them. With a fearless spirit and determination to question the status quo and an integrative vision of dance, their creations aim to connect to the audience by creating heartfelt, innovative and pleasurable experiences through striking and immersive performative proposals.


They share their language through producing cultural events, teaching and on stage, creating for their own company and for choreographic commissions. All in service of contributing to a fresh vision of dance relating to our healing bodies, the cultivation of pleasurable experiences, and an exploration of the quantum paradigm.”

What sets them on fire is the depth of their creations, where they research choreography and improvisation with sensitivity, playfulness and passion, impregnating their bodies with limitless fantasies, contagious groove, powerful physical states and vibrational content.


Creating safe spaces for dancers and artists, EYAS promotes anti-body terrorism, holistic and ethical practices in their creations, workshops, and cultural events. Their goal is to contribute to a more conscious, diverse, joyful and fair profession.

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