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Workshops for Dance Artists

Wednesday, July 19

Contemporary Dance Workshop
4:00-5:30 PM - First City School of Dance

RSVP & Pay-what-you-can 

The workshop will focus on the dancer’s connection to their centre of gravity and relationship with the floor.  The class will begin with a warmup followed by movement phrases to explore moving in and out of the floor efficiently, shifting weight as well as utilize different support points on the ground.  Movement quality will build from soft and fluid to powerful athleticism and travelling.


Led by Chantal Baudouin + Live accompaniment by Ian Gibson

Thursday, July 20

The Business of Dance: A Discussion for Dance Artists in New Brunswick

5:00-5:45 PM - Five and Dime



Calling all dance artists in New Brunswick and those aspiring to become one! Join industry experts Kristina Lemieux, Saint John Contemporary Dance Festival Producer, and Joanna Bryson, Executive Director of Connection Dance Works, for a light-hearted conversation filled with valuable career insights for dancers in Canada. Topics discussed might include grant applications, how to connect with presenters, creative ways to take an idea to the stage, and what to consider during tax time. 

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