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Syndey Hallett

Sydney Hallett - Fredericton, NS

Sydney Hallett (She/Her) is an actor/dancer/choreographer based in Fredericton, NB. She has a BA in Fine Arts and English (Drama) from St. Thomas University and has been training in physical theatre with Solo Chicken Productions since 2017. Currently, she works as a choreographer for TNB and St. Thomas University’s Musical Theatre program. She also creates and produces her own dance and movement works. Her dance film 'River Dreams' was featured at the SJCDF in 2022! As an actor, she has performed with various local companies including Solo Chicken Productions, Bard in the Barracks, NotaBle Acts, Hyperloop Theatre, and Theatre St. Thomas.


"A physical exploration through character work, motif, and improvisation. I draw from my background in musical theatre and contemporary dance to examine double standards imposed on women and the disposable nature of women in performance. This work will draw from popular figures in media and performance to comment on their characterization, objectification, and how they are used by the industry and viewed by their audience. The piece aims to highlight the value of the voice of the artist and explore the question of what it means to be perceived. Its intention is to create a dialogue for and about the performance industry and its toxic traits, which have been and are still present today." - Sydney

Sydney Headshot 1 - Sydney Hallett.jpg

Michèle King - Hubley, NS

Originally from Montréal QC, Michèle’s dance journey began over 25 years ago with a love for Tap dance. Since completing her studies at Concordia University’s Contemporary Dance Program she made Nova Scotia her home. Some of her more recent works include “Alone Place” 2018 Presented by Kinetic Studio and Nostos Collectives, and “Cunning Folk” 2021 presented by Kick Talk productions and Votive Dance. Her recent work as an interpreter with Votive Dance includes “Strike Tone” 2020 choreographed by Vanessa Goodman, “WHODUNIT?” 2022 and “BASSline” 2023 choreographed by Kathleen Doherty. Most recently with a shift in focus Michèle’s joy for rhythm based dance styles was reignited.


"The work I am looking to explore through Perspective comes after a summer of experimentation and training within tap dance improvisation, through the lens of a jazz dancer and contemporary choreographer. Part of this training involved taking part in Jazz Jams, improvising within the style of Tap dance with live Jazz musicians.


It has become clear to me that tap and jazz dance mirror each other in their dynamics, rhythmical play, as well as visually with similar posture and weight transfers. In my recent growth as a tap dancer and improviser, a desire to explore blending these two genres has been more at the forefront of my creative mind. My curiosity lies both in how this exploration could create visually interesting movement and how it might push me further within my own practices as an interpreter and choreographer. I have also had the opportunity to be a part of processes including live music in which either the musical composition is created first and then the dance or vice versa. I am interested in seeing how we might build a collaborative piece of work from the ground up with equal importance on each aspect." - Michèle

Michele King - Kevin MacCormack.jpg
Michele King

Sarah Power - Saint John, NB

Originally from Saint John, Sarah has been working as a professional independent dance artist and teacher since graduating from Toronto Metropolitan University in 2001. She is a founding member and current Artistic Director of Connection Dance Works. 


Her career has included collaborations with musicians, dancers, filmmakers and visual artists. She has received grants for Professional Development, Residencies and Creation projects through the Canada Council for the Arts and artsnb. 


Sarah continues to learn and develop work through her practice of Authentic Movement, a way of discovering movement inherent in the body instead of inventing it.


"Duet(s), working title, came about from Connection Dance Works' annual New Music New Dance Residency in June 2022. Two dance artists, Gina Grant and Chris Green along with two musicians, Terri Hron and Andrew Reed Miller and choreographer Sarah Power made up the team. During our four days together, we created new music and dance collaboratively.  The overarching idea is getting back to breathing, a reference to both the stem of a dancer's work and the wood winds that Terri employs in her practice, and some more air-related things. Through questions and the use of the Authentic Movement practice, we discussed, moved and created in the space together. Our theme for Duet(s) is Breath which serves to remain open enough for this type of collaboration. We will use the theme as a foundation and a springboard into new areas of exploration." - Sarah

Sarah Power 2022.jpg
Sarah Power

Thushara Premarajan - Fredericton, NB

Thushara Premarajan is a trained Indian classical dancer settled in New Brunswick for more than 4 years. She lives in the beautiful city of Fredericton and is working towards developing and showcasing her art and dancing skills. Her passion makes her work and research towards finding opportunities in showcasing her talent in and around New Brunswick. She has already participated and performed in events in 2023.


"My project will revolve around the artistic discipline of Indian classical dance form-Bharatanatyam where I will discover and choreograph moves based for a medley of the Classic song ‘Varaharoopam’ from a South Asian movie, Kantara and Mani Sharma's Magical version of ‘Thaye Yashoda’ from the movie ‘The Morning Raga’. I am incorporating bharatanatyam moves along with semi-classical moves during the choreography." - Thushara

IMThushara Premarajan.jpeg
Thushara Premarajan

Kelli Wray - Saint John, NB

Kelli is an interpretive dancer who explores the art of storytelling and expression through improvised and choreographed movement. For over 10yrs, Kelli was the facilitator of Meditation In MOVEment ecstatic dance classes, providing the freedom of barefoot dancing and empowerment of body awareness to other women. She has collaborated with talented musicians, dancing bodies, gifted poets and exhibit photographers. Finding inspiration in nature, Kelli enjoys the creative process of layering movements with motion, exploring subtleties of the body’s natural rhythms. She is grateful for opportunities to create, share and develop her craft.


"The work in progress began in early 2023 from a desire to understand better how all living things are connected. Movements developed listening to Solfeggio frequencies, using sound and vibration to examine themes of Universal love and energy exchanges. Questions were posed to reflect on how we individually navigate our world and where we show gratitude. Formation of movements grew exploring feelings of attachment and letting go, with the idea of resilience and water for its traits of fluidity and moving over, under and through. Audiences were welcomed to take part and encouraged in these improvised and choreographed works. This next addition to the work involves looking at self-reconnection, bearing the weight of what we carry in unfilled spaces and intervals of time, embracing the dualities of our own energy. How do we present and how are we perceived?" - Kelli

20230904_135931 - Kelli Wray.jpg
Kelli Wray

Meghan Gilhespy - Halifax, NS

Modern jazz vocalist Meghan Gilhespy is an innovative voice from the diverse Vancouver jazz scene. Currently based in Halifax, Meghan is a lecturer at Dalhousie University. As the first woman in Canada to pursue a DMA in Jazz, her work examines the cultural politics of experimental jazz vocalization. 


In addition to a long history of conventional jazz performance, including her own published album Vive Le Tour (2016), Meghan has done studio work for Netflix, which has expanded her skills as an experimental vocal improviser. Her performance and pedagogical work continue to push boundaries and raise marginalized voices, contributing to an inclusive and equitable Canadian artistic sphere.

Meghan Gilhespy headshot.jpeg

MacKenzie Greenwell - Halifax, NS

MacKenzie Greenwell has spent the last 20 years dedicated to the art of tap dance. Originally from Alberta, he has performed for audiences across the globe while also always sharing his passion for the dance mentoring his students. MacKenzie’s career has led him to be a part of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Ceremonies, a touring member of the internationally acclaimed show Tap Dogs, a principal dancer in Toronto-based Rhythm & Sound Tap Co., and a Choreographer for the Canadian National Team. Most recently, he was a guest performer for the 2022 Votive Dance show Whodunnit and continues to be a member of the band Game.Set.Trap. Now calling Nova Scotia home, MacKenzie is continuing to immerse himself in the thriving music scene as he continues to bridge the worlds of dance and music.

MacKenzie Greenwell - Head shot - 1.jpg

Andrew Reed Miller - Saint John, NB

Andrew Reed Miller is a bass player, composer and improviser living in Saint John Canada. Andrew is principal bass of Symphony New Brunswick and is artistic director of Resonance New Music Inc., which has organized new and experimental music in and around NB since 1998.

Originally from New York, Andrew studied in Ottawa and Toronto and toured with The Canadian Opera Company, the National Arts Centre Orchestra and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

Andrew has performed at many venues, including Open Ears Festival (Kitchener), New Music Calgary, Sound Symposium (Newfoundland), the Scotia Festival of Music, Ensemble Kore (Montreal) The Music Gallery (Toronto), Western Front (Vancouver),  and Tonic (New  York).


Terri Hron - Montreal, QC

Terri Hron is a musician, a performer and a multimedia artist. Her work explores historical performance practice, field recording, invented ceramic instruments and videoscores. She often works in close collaboration with others and produces performances, gatherings and events. Her research focuses on collaborative practice and scoring in multimedia performance art. She is Executive Director of the Canadian New Music Network, where she has developed programs focusing on pluralism and sustainability. Recent collaborators include Monty Adkins, Charlotte Hug, Paula Matthusen, Helen Pridmore and Jennifer Beattie (Out Loud), Katelyn Clark, Jennifer Thiessen and Myriam Boucher (Medusa Selfie). Latest commissions include suddenlyListen, Ensemble Paramirabó, GreyWing Ensemble, Dead of Night, Splinter Reeds and Ensemble Supermusique.

2023-03-22 Terri Hron Headshots0911_WEB.jpg

Gina Grant - Saint John, NB

Gina is a contemporary dancer, teacher and choreographer. After completing the professional training program at l'École de danse contemporaine de Montréal in 2017, Gina has worked with local and international choreographers, musicians, visual artists and filmmakers. 

Notably, Gina performed her first solo work The Same, But Not Like Before at the 12th annual Saint John Contemporary Dance Festival as well as PERSPECTIVE 2022: An Evening of Dance and Discussion. She collaborated with Connection Dance Works's New Music, New Dance residency, choreographed by Sarah Power. Most recently, Gina acted in Gravity Assist, a short film directed by filmmaker Ry O’Toole.

Gina Grant.jpeg

Chris Van Green - Truro, NS

Chris Van Green discovered his passion for dance at 13 when he took his first class. He spent five years dancing at Cobequid Dance Academy, his home studio in Truro, Nova Scotia. During those five years, Chris’s hard work, determination, and dedication earned him the Peer Recognition Award in his graduating year, a perfect send-off to his pre-professional career.

Chris’s ability to adapt and challenge himself helped him earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre and Dance Performance from Toronto Metropolitan University. During his studies, Chris received praise for his tremendous growth and passion for dance, qualities which also earned him the prestigious Kenny Pearl Award. During his time at TMU, he refined his technique in ballet, contemporary/modern, jazz, and urban floor work while furthering his exploration of his creative process. He trained with renowned dance instructors such as Karen Duplisea, Vicky St-Denis, Louis Laberge Côté, Kenny Pearl, Arsenio Andrade, and Robert Glumbek. Since graduating, he has worked with numerous dancers, choreographers, and dance companies, performing in dance productions, musicals, flashmobs, weddings, galas, and television programs. In recent years, Chris became one of the founding directors of Blurred Bodies Dance Projects, a contemporary dance company based in Truro, Nova Scotia. While pursuing professional dance projects throughout Canada, Chris discovered a love for teaching while living in the Yukon. Since then, he has completed his Module 1 and 2 Acrobatics Arts training and received teaching certification from Rambert Grades, one of the world’s leading Contemporary Dance education programs. Chris’s passion for movement has led him to create CVG Fitness, a personal training business where he often has the opportunity to train dancers to be strong and mobile. Chris uses his experience in both the dance and fitness worlds to help dance artists think not only about their time in the studio, but how to supplement, cross-train, and eat to support the longevity of their careers. Many of the students he’s worked with have gone on to study dance post-secondary and have successful careers in the field of performing arts. Chris is excited for the future of dance and will continue striving to inspire the next generations of dance artists.

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