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May 11, 2024

Imperial Theatre


Still Buffering poster.jpg

Still Buffering combines dance, theatre and film to explore how technology informs human relationships. The narrative has been influenced by science fiction stories from the past and the current urgency surrounding the evolution of technology and humanity’s dependency on it. 


Joanna Bryson - Co-Director & Production Manager

Sarah Power - Co-Director & Choreographer

Ryan Griffith - Text & Playwright

potatoCakes_digital (Emily Soussana and Andrew Scriver) - Set, Lighting & Video Design

Andrew Reed Miller - Composer & Sound Design

Sherry Kinnear - Costume Design

Chris Giles - Filmmaker & Video Editor

Natasha MacLellan - Dramaturg

Drew Murdock - Stage Manager

Caitlin Lapena - Marketing Coordinator

Alan White - Additional graphic designs


Jean-Michel Cliche

Anna Dysart

Marcia Dysart

Patrick Jeffrey

Chris Van Green

Caroline Bell


This activity is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the New Brunswick Arts Board.


Thank you to Angela Campbell, Scott McRae and wonderful staff and crew of the Imperial Theatre, Amanda LaRusic, Courtney Arsenault, Miguel Roy, First City School of Dance, Theatre New Brunswick, The Fredericton Playhouse InterMISSION Residency, The Imperial Theatre Incubator Project, Ryan Griffith, Lorne Power

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