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The Saint John Contemporary Dance Festival has been made possible with the generous support of:

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Our community supporters:

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Thank you to: Imperial Theatre Staff & Crew, Angela Campbell, Sarah Tippett, Marcia Dysart, Sandra Donnelly, Emily MacNeil, Amy Boudreau, Christin Clarke, Lynda Rogers.



Connection Dance Works has produced the Saint John Contemporary Dance Festival for the past 15 years. We focus on New Brunswick and Maritime dance artists and provide opportunities to experience dance for movers of all abilities. 


Over this time, the Saint John Contemporary Dance Festival has become a staple in the arts community of Saint John, New Brunswick. By highlighting professional choreographers from both local and nationally renown, the festival offers a unique opportunity to experience contemporary dance in Canada. The festival's commitment to showcasing performers of all cultural backgrounds helps to create a diverse and inclusive environment that celebrates the many different forms of contemporary dance.


In addition to live performances, the festival also offers workshops for aspiring dancers and choreographers. These workshops provide a valuable learning opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in contemporary dance, and help to foster a sense of community among festival attendees.


One of the unique features of the festival is the "Pop-Up" performances that take place in unconventional and site-specific spaces throughout the city. These performances are a great way to showcase the beauty and versatility of contemporary dance, and help to engage the wider community in the festival's activities.


As a donor, your support helps to ensure the continued success of the festival and contributes to the sustainability of a vibrant arts community in Saint John

Your donation will help support the arts and contribute to the sustainability of a vibrant dance community in New Brunswick. 

Note: Connection Dance Works is not a registered charity, as such a tax receipt will not be issued.

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