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Connection Dance Works is a non-profit professional contemporary dance company located in Saint John, New Brunswick.
Our vision is to establish a nationally recognized contemporary dance hub in New Brunswick, connecting artists and audiences through outstanding original works of dance art.


Our mandate:

  • We engage people in the expressive language of human movement. 

  • We create, present, and facilitate professional contemporary dance performance in our region.

  • We nurture a dynamic community of collaborative artists in New Brunswick and beyond.


Connection Dance Works was founded in 2010. The company's efforts and initiatives have engaged a growing audience in an active discussion about contemporary dance. Their multi-disciplinary collaborations — with musicians, choreographers, writers, composers, visual artists, and multi-media creators — affirm a new era of cross-pollination and a profound commitment to the notion of community.


Connection Dance Works provides opportunities for artists to share knowledge and learn from each other through its PERSPECTIVE Series and annual Saint John Contemporary Dance Festival. 


Saint John Contemporary Dance Festival has become a staple in the arts community of Saint John, New Brunswick. By highlighting professional choreographers from both local and nationally renown, the festival offers a unique opportunity to experience contemporary dance in Canada. The festival's commitment to showcasing performers of all cultural backgrounds helps to create a diverse and inclusive environment that celebrates the many different forms of contemporary dance.


The PERSPECTIVE series is unique in New Brunswick. Performances are open to the public, and audience members are treated to an intimate evening of dance works in progress. They hear directly from choreographers and musicians about the creation process, and are then given an opportunity to share their thoughts on each work. 


Artists receive valuable and immediate audience feedback. Seeing things from different perspectives helps to further develop the work for the artists.


As a donor, your support helps to ensure the continued success of the company and contribute to the sustainability of a vibrant arts community in Saint John.


Note: Connection Dance Works is not a registered charity, as such a tax receipt will not be issued.

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