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Connection Dance Works (Saint John) and Votive Dance (Halifax) 

TOUR 2019

Tuesday, November 12 - Aberdeen Cultural Centre, 140 Botsford St, Moncton, NB E1C 4X5


Wednesday, November 13 - Bathurst, TBA

Thursday, November 14 - Open Space Theatre, 55 Whiting Road, Fredericton, NB E3B 5Y5


7:30PM each night. Tickets available at the door. $15. Cash only.




with far arms (2017)

Connection Dance Works

Choreography and Direction: Darryl Tracy

Lighting Design: Michelle Ramsay

Projection Design: Chris Giles

Composer: Andrew Reed Miller

Costumes: Diane Johnson, Sarah Power

Technical Director: Tammy Faulkner

Interpreters/Movement Invention: Joanna Bryson, Marcia Dysart, Amanda LaRusic, Sarah Johnson Power


Set in a tiny house, with far arms forces the question of who we are. This mysterious and dynamic quartet explores the ties that bind and the positive and negative connotations of being bound, boundaries and binding.



Proven Lands (2014)

Votive Dance

Choreography: Catherine Hayward

Dancers: Kathleen Doherty, Stephanie Mitro

Music: 06 Ghosts I by Nine Inch Nails, Henry Plainview, There Will Be Blood, Future Markets, Proven Lands, Moon Trills by Jonny Greenwood


A duet about struggle and transformation. As forces beyond our control take us over, we fight to stay powerful. In order to survive we eventually relinquish to the dominion held over us and evolve. 


Thank you to Connection Dance Works, The Maritime Conservatory, Catherine Hayward, Michele Slattery, Erin Hennessy.



She pulled her head out of the oven and vanished. (2018)

Choreography and performer: Sarah Power

Music: Peace Piece by Bill Evans

Performed by the Saint John String Quartet and Peter Mears,

with an original electronic version(recorded) by Andrew Reed Miller

Lighting design by Audrey Eastwood

The Connection Dance Works & Votive Dance Tour has been made possible with the generous support of the Province of New Brunswick. 

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