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Under Sail 

Under Sail is a series of pieces that draws inspiration from the life of Molly Kool, North America’s first female sea captain. The work, consisting of five movements, was originally produced for the NB Museum; each piece taking place in a different gallery of the museum. Connection Dance Works has reworked this emotionally charged work for stage. The story leads audience members through the different stages in Kool’s life. Her strength, tenacity and love for the ocean, all crafted through movement, will leave audience members with a greater appreciation for this amazing woman and a fondness for the integration of word, film, and dance. The company brings this story to life, starting with Kool’s later years and bringing you full circle to her resting place, the Bay of Fundy.

Choreography: Marcia Dysart

Performers: Joanna Bryson, Marcia Dysart,
Sarah Johnson Power, Kelli Wray
Music: Phillip Glass, Chopin, Zoe Keating
Costumes: Julie Culberson
Film: John Marshall
Length: 53 minutes ( time)

Stage or Site-specific

Press Kit


Marcia Dysart studied modern dance at McMaster University’s Centre for Dance Performance in Hamilton, ON from 1998-2001 and most recently at Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in NYC (2014/2015), where she studied the dance technique of Lester Horton under Ana Marie Forsythe. She danced with the Hamilton Dance Company and Parahumans Dance Theatre. Performances include: PERSPECTIVE, SJ Contemporary Dance Festival, ContactEast, Guelph and Dundas Contemporary Dance Festivals, Hamilton Art Gallery shows as well as 8:08 Series, and Chimera Project, Toronto.  Recently, she has danced in works by: Darryl Tracy, Meagan O’Shea, Sarah Johnson Power, Stefanie Mayhew, and Vanessa Goodman.  Recent creations include: Under Sail and Hot thought Disrupted.

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