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Past Productions

Music Composition for Dance 2014

Kathleen Doherty (NS)

Marcia Dysart (NB)

Sarah Johnson Power (NB)

Manuel Shink (QC) 

Musicians: WL Altman, Joel Leblanc,Andrew Reed Miller, Paul Stefflar

Mentor: Tedi Tafel (QC)

Music Composition for Dance 2013

Sarah Power (NB)

Julie Duguay (NB)

Meagan O'Shea (ON)

Gabrielle Pelliter (NB)*

Musicians: Chris Giles, Andrew Reed Miller, Paul Steffler, Karin Aurell, Catherine Kennedy**

Mentor: Meagan O'Shea (ON)


*Emerging Choreographer

**Emerging Musician


Spring 2012

Chantal Cadieux (NB)

Natayu Mildenberger (NB)

Sarah Johnson Power (NB) Connection Dance Works 

Musicians: Andrew Reed Miller, Zoe Caddell, Benjamin Mackinnon (NB)

Spring  2011

Emily MacNeil

Marcia Dysart

Sarah Johnson

Kelli Wray

Christina Marshall

Joanna Bryson

Stefanie Mayhew

Vanessa Polley

Jen O'Reilly

Nawal Doucette

Musical Guest: The Amazing Mastradamus

Fall 2013 

Courtney Arsenault (NB) Connection Dance Works

Natayu Mildenberger (NB)

Kelli Wray (NB)

Vincent Zharo (NB)

Musical Guest: The 506

Fall 2012 

Janick Detcheverry (QC)

Nawal Doucette (NB)

Sarah Power (NB)

Kyle Davey (NB)

Stéfanie Mayhew (NB)

Emerging Choreographer: Gabellrielle Pelliter 

Musical Guest: Mike Ross (NB)

Fall 2011

Artists: Darryl Tracy (ON)

Meghan MacNeil(ON)

Emily MacNeil (NB)

Connection Dance Works.

Emerging Choreographer:

Gina Grant

Musical Guest: Wet Grow Light

Fall 2010

Sarah Butler

Joanna Bryson

Nawal Doucette

Sarah Johnson

Jennifer, Julia, and Jessica O'Reilly

Stefanie Mayhew

Marcia Dysart

Emily MacNeil, Jerry Burchill


"Great choreography. I loved opening my niece's eyes (and my own!) to wonderful, different, horizon expanding dance and music. Keep up the great inspirational work!"

"For the piece, Spill Herself Away - it was like watching a David Lynch movie.  It made a strange sort of sense, but in a very weird way - Excellent!"

"Little thistle/old Castle - a powerful piece about feedom and the TERROR of freedom for one tortured individual."


"So wonderful to see such beautiful art performed. Jamie's energy was almost palpable!"

November 19, 2016
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