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We Walk Invisible


"We have the receipt of fern-seed; we walk invisible." ~ Shakespeare - Henry the IV


Dancer/Choreographer: Marcia Dysart

Filmmaker: Michael Mohan

Music: Dusk by Gidge

Marcia Dysart.png

Marcia Dysart is a dancer, choreographer, collaborator and dance educator based in Saint John, NB. She shares her passion for creation working collaboratively alongside musicians, visual artists, filmmakers and dancers. Marcia's work has received recognition from the New Brunswick Arts Board and Saint John Community Arts Funding Program and has been performed across Atlantic Canada. Interested in the stories of strong women, Marcia’s process involves abstracting literal ideas while still keeping the authenticity of the character. Fueled by collaboration to gain more than one interpretation, Marcia’s drawn to understanding experiences and embodying ideas to expose any personal connections that metamorphosize.

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