Zénith Zenith


Une collaboration de / A collaboration between: Chris LeBlanc, Jalianne Li, Marie-Luce Quéverdo

Interprétation et chorégraphie / Dance and Choreography: Jalianne Li, Marie-Luce Quéverdo

Caméra et Montage / Camera and Editing: Chris LeBlanc 

Images supplémentaires / Additional Footage: Jalianne Li, Marie-Luce Quéverdo

Musique / Music: Zénith / Ascension -Shaun Ferguson

Merci à / Thank you to: La Société culturelle de la vallée de Memramcook, Struts Gallery, Terry Du, Sentiers Beaumont Trails, Rémi Mantion, Donald et Joanne LeBlanc

Moncton-based Jalianne Li studied contemporary dance at Laban in London, UK. She is the choreographer for surFace Dance and will be premiering “The Vow” in 2021. She has most recently performed with Connection Dance Works in “Subject Is Too Dark”, Satellite Theatre in “The Limits of Possible Noise” and in ‘’Golem’’, and with Danse En L’Air in “Femmes”. While in confinement, she kept herself busy creating 100 videos of 1-minute improvised dances for Instagram @jlidance, the dance short film “News Overload”, shown during Montreal’s This Is Not A Fringe, as well as the circus short film “House Ackrythos”.

jalianne li.jpg
Jalianne Li - Photo by Clara Mill
Jalianne Li - Photo by Lorne Power
Jalianne Li - Photo by Clara Mill
subject is too dark - Lorne Power