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Short dance films featuring 6 professional Canadian choreographers. 


The dance films will be shown at the Saint John Arts Centre, 20 Peel Plaza,  in the Tompkins Studio Hall. Each film is between 5-13 minutes in length. The films will run consecutively on a loop.  Admission is by donation to the Arts Centre. 


Photo by: Amy Andrews

Mitts and hats

"The video "Mitts and Hats" is part of a larger initiative, Ruralesque, which combines elements of burlesque and contemporary dance to explore Newfoundland and Labrador identities."

candice pike

Candice Pike, Josh Murphy, and Hilary Knee are a collective of dancers in Corner Brook, NL. Their project, Ruralesque, is a multi-phase exploration and production that uses burlesque, somatics, and contemporary dance to explore their experiences of Newfoundland ]identities. By valuing the process and product created by working in rural settings and combining this with practices and experiences of queering this culture, they attempt to create work that is personal, visually interesting, and deeply engaged with audience and community.


With decades of experience in dance and costuming Amy Andrews has recently turned to dance film as a way to share her work with a larger community. She is interested in making choreographic choices through the camera's lens and in the editing room.

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Photo by: Lauren Runions

A Landmark!

"A Landmark! is a dance film centering around the relationship between body and places in transition."

Lauren Runions

Lauren Runions (she/they) is a dance artist, choreographer, urbaner and educator based in Tkaronto/Toronto, ON. Lauren's project I/O Movement offers performances, community workshops and residencies with the intention to activate spaces while considering the flexibility of place, and inviting movement into daily life. Overall, their practice comes down to one thing: love of place. Through experiments of scores, improvisation, sounding, drawing, walking and routine dailiness Lauren questions how our own embodied awareness relates to our relationship and responsibility to living with our urban and natural ecologies.




Welcome to “ 7’s” world. 7 is constantly mixed with emotions but he is absolutely harmless. Full of grace and desire. He feels quite intense.

Natayu mildenberger

Natayu Mildenberger was a versatile professional Creative Artist from Saint John,N.B. He graduated from the Quinte Ballet school of Canada and Ecole de Cirque Zôfy in Switzerland. Natayu is now an established Loctician (Dreadlock artist) based in Montréal where he runs his own business called Yulocs, offering Quality Loc Care. (

Raul Marquez Gaitan..jpg



"Navigating through life makes every human face different situations; some are in favor of and others are against the tide – cutting through the waves of time and always moving forward."

raul marquez gaitan

Actor, dancer, teacher and movement researcher and creator. He has a Bachelor degree in Theater studies from the School of Dramatic Arts in Seville (Spain) and a Major in dance from SEAD, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (Austria). Over the last 10 years, he has been working as an actor, dancer and teacher in different companies, schools and art centres of Spain and Austria, and has participated in several projects that have performed across European countries.

Meghan Mainville_Nicholas Mainville.jpeg

Photo by: Nicholas Mainville

out loud

"Out Loud is a solo reflecting the way we process emotions in times of difficulty."

Meghan Mainville

Meghan Mainville is a dance artist from New-Brunswick. She is a graduate of the Contemporary Dance Diploma Programme at The School of Dance (OTT) where she had the chance to learn from many well versed choreographers such as Emmanuel Jouthe, Sylvie Desrosiers, and Apolonia Valasquez. Meghan has shown her works professionally through ADFDA presented by Les Productions Danse Encore (NB), Bouge d’Ici Festival presented by Mainline Theatre (Mtl), and the Montreal Fringe Festival where 'Out Loud,' is currently being shown. She choreographs for stage and film, creating worlds inspired by nature and the events surrounding her.

Gaurav Bhatti.jpg



“Does this limited space evoke limited thoughts in me?”

Gaurav bhatti

My name is Gaurav Bhatti and I am a dancer and choreographer from Brampton, ON.


I continue my training in kathak to learn the most complex vocabulary, intricate foot -work and rhythmic movements which helps me portray narratives that are not just traditional but more universal.


My artistic vision is to develop choreographies that are informed by Indian roots but sufficiently modern and treated with a contemporary outlook to be accessible to global audiences not familiar with technical aspect of the dance form. I seek to build bridges between cultures. Religion and spirituality has always been an influence in my life and therefore has been the concept in the majority of my works.

Commissioned by Abheri Roots

Candice Pike
Lauren Runions
Natayu Mildenberger
Raul Marquez Gaitan
Festival FIlm
Meghan Mainville
Gaurav Bhatti
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