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Festival Schedule

July 19-23, 2023


Save the dates for Site Specific performances, Workshops for all levels of experience, and the Happy Hour Cabaret Social.

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Wednesday, July 19


7:00-7:30 PM - CentreBeam Place Back Atrium (off Grannan Street)

Between Us Closing the Gap


In Buddhist teachings, letting go and embracing emptiness, we become a vessel for universal spirit forming deeper connections to nature, self and with those around us. Much like bamboo, bending with the wind but never breaking, our ability to thrive depends on our attitude to life circumstances. Between us closing the gap explores the depth of our connections while touching on themes of strength, resilience and courage.

Performer and Choreographer: Kelli Wray

7:30-8:00 PM - CentreBeam Place

Les Noeuds de Gustav (excerpt)


Les Noeuds de Gustav is a multidisciplinary work in which dance is interwoven with music and text. The solo follows the character Abbacus who attempts to build and rebuild in the face of adversity, fear, and doubt.  Whether it is a family, a career or a monument, the ambition to build a legacy is a uniquely human trait. What drives an astronaut to travel towards the unknown?  Why do we build pyramids, cathedrals or monuments that take more than a lifetime to create?  Whatever they are, however futile they may be, ambitions can define us, unite us and even build us. An ode to its own creation, a story of perseverance and dreaming big.

Artistic direction, production and performance - Chantal Baudouin

Choreography - Jessie Garon with Chantal Baudouin

Sound design and music - Stephen Joffe

Texts - Thomas McKechnie and Jessie Garon

Voice - Bianca Richard

Costume design - Claudie Landry

Thursday, July 20 

Happy Hour Cabaret Social

6:00-8:00 PM - Five and Dime

RSVP & Pay-what-you-can

Join us for an electrifying evening of contemporary dance at the Five and Dime! Sip on your favourite drinks, mingle with other dance enthusiasts, and watch a series of dance performances unfold throughout the evening. Five New Brunswick artists present contemporary dance works under five minutes in length, exploring sound, storytelling, and movement in profound ways. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable Saint John experience!


Performances by New Brunswick dance artists:

Featuring DJ [no]NO

Hosted by Emily MacNeil

The works:

Fátima López - Unit

The aim of this performance is to convey the concept of the body operating as a unified entity while also highlighting the distinctiveness of each individual body part. The piece seeks to explore various shapes, creating movement that interconnects these elements.

Thank you to First City School of Dance, Connection Dance Works, Marcia Dysart and Sarah Power

Sarah Power - I will be exploring sound through vocalization and my practice of Authentic Movement.  This will be a directed and framed improvisation surrounding sound and vocalization.

Sydney Hallett You Get What You Want A physical exploration through character work, motif, and improvisation of double standards imposed on women and the disposable nature of women in performance and media.

Marica Dysart - The Self in Shadow is a new work in progress, supported by artsnb, that explores old stories and beliefs about ourselves.The ‘shadow self’ is a term that was introduced by psychologist Carl Jung. It refers to the unconscious parts of the personality that our conscious ego doesn’t want to identify. Through an interpretive mirror, our ‘shadow self’ gains existence as the parts of ourselves we have a difficult time seeing and accepting come in to focus. This five-minute short is the result of experience and movement-driven research following a hypnotherapy session. "Is there an opportunity to feel more connected to our whole self if we venture to the periphery and claim the shadow as ours?"

Anna Dysart - Anna explores the diversity of choreographic processes utilizing their newfound knowledge of multidisciplinary methods to create dance.

Claire Ahern - The Charleston- 1920s to 2020s

The Charleston is a classic component of swing dance originating in the 1920s that has evolved over the course the last century. Join swing dancer Claire Ahern on a time-travelling Charleston crash course, charting the development and celebrating the history of this iconic dance!


Dance Artists, join us for a talk starting at 5pm 


Friday, July 21

6:00 - 6:30 PM - Container Village

Container 23


Container 23 is a site-based performance by Susanne Chui (dance artist) and Erin Donovan (musician/composer) in Area 506 Container Village. Audiences are invited on a sensory journey as the artists respond to the site as a container for imagination and creativity.


Performer – Susanne Chui

Musician/collaborator – Erin Donovan

Saturday, July 22

Mocean Dance Mixed Repertoire

7:30 PM - Imperial Theatre

In partnership with Imperial Theatre

BUY TICKETS ($30 adult / $25 members)

Two original dance pieces from an exciting

Halifax company.

Duration: 20 mins / intermission / 30 mins


Halifax-based choreographer Lydia Zimmer’s Mercurials explores the psychology of grandiose delusion, made visible in the elongated golden hands of the dancers. The performers change moods unpredictably, moving quickly from soft grace to cutting speed and precision. Drawing inspiration from the element mercury, a toxic metallic liquid, danger lurks behind a mesmerizing beauty.


Performers  –  Sarah Murphy, Julie Robert, Anastasia Wiebe

Contributing Dancer  – Kate Houston

Rehearsal Director  – Gillian Seaward-Boone

Sound Design  – Lydia Zimmer, with musical excerpts from Hildur Guðnadóttir (Bathroom Dance, Defeated Clown), Jóhann Jóhannsson (Miracle, Mystery and Authority, Flight From the City, The Rocket Builder — Io Pan!), Javier Navarrete (A Tale, Long Long Time Ago) and Nicholas Britell (The Middle of the World), Sara Davachi (For Voice), Epic Soundscapes (Soft Rain & Deep Thunder

Lighting Design  – Leigh Ann Vardy

Costume Design  – Kate Mitchell

Behind the Scenes Video Editing  – Lydia Zimmer


Utawtiwow Kijinaq - OUR MOTHER’S ROAD

Co-Choreographed by Mocean Co-Artistic Director Sara Coffin, and Eskasoni First Nation dance artist Sarah Prosper, this cross-cultural and cross-generational duet explores the spiritual and emotional qualities of water. Two perspectives meet as the performers process their histories and relationships with water, and with each other, moving towards connection and balance. Inspired by the life-giving sacredness of mother earth, water is our honoured protector guiding us down the flowing paths of Our Mother’s Road – Utawtiwow Kijinaq.


Performers – Sara Coffin and Sarah Prosper

Rehearsal Support – Gillian Seaward-Boone and Alexis Milligan

Sound Design – Brian Riley with Sarah Prosper, with excerpts from Apukuna (Breath Medicine 002), Ulali (Mother), Garth Stevenson (Earth), Beautiful Chorus (Faith’s Hymn), the late honourable Sarah Denny of Eskasoni First Nation (Ego), and Aaron Prosper singing Sacred Ground by Michael R. Denny and Children’s Prayer Song by the Blacklodge Singers

Set Construction – Leesa Hamilton with Dakota Burpee

Lighting Design – Leigh Ann Vardy

Costume Design – Kate Mitchell

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