We are thrilled to partner with OPEN ARTS for an evening of dance, music and discussion.

Featured Artists


Choreographers: Sarah Power, Candice Pike

Musicians: Andrew Reed Miller, WL Altman, Joël Cormier

Dancers: Jessica Lowe, Jalianne Li, Kathleen Doherty,

Courtney Arsenault

Special guests: the coop

Musicians and choreographers work together in a week long collaborative residency to create new music and dance.

Join us at PERSPECTIVE to see these new collaborations. PERSPECTIVE is an intimate evening of dance that will be both thought provoking and informative. Audience members will hear from choreographers and musicians about the creation process as well as be encouraged to share their thoughts about each work. Seeing things from others perspectives helps further develop the work for the artists.

Julia Aplin joins us to facilitate the development of each work-in-progress. 


Julia’s dance career had taken her across artistic boundaries into theatre, music, design and visual art. She is currently co-creating "Synaptic Rodeo", with Anna Chatterton (writer), John Gzowski (composer) and Jim Ruxton (media design).

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Saint John

Thursday, April 20

BMO Studio Theatre

112 Princess Street




Friday, April 6

Open Space Theatre

55 Whiting Road



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