Schedule of Events

Friday, June 24


7:00pm              Performance & Kick-Off Party at Buckland Merrifield Gallery  

                            36 Canterbury Street | FREE

                            Live music performed by Katie Bestvater

                            coeurPulse (iii)

                            Choreography: Candice Pike

                            Performers: Candice Pike& Olivia Aubrecht


Saturday, June 25


1:00-3:00pm     Outdoor performances in King's Square 



1:00 & 2:00pm   Love Lost

                             Choreographed and performed by: Courtney Arsenault & Anneke van der Laan


1:10 & 2:10pm    What We Want: A Site Specific Exploration

                             Choreography: Kathleen Doherty

                             Dancers: Vivika Ballard, Kathleen Doherty, Michele Slattery, Lydia Zimmer


1:45, 2:45            Study in Stops & African Vibe

& 3:00pm           Choreography: Marcia Dysart

                             Students from Rothesay Ballet School


 7:30pm               Festival Gala at the BMO Studio Theatre  

                             112 Princess Street | $16.50 / $11.50


                             Tickets also available at the door.


                             Choreographed and performed by: Heather Stewart

                             Music composed by: Marc Bartissol


                             Edge of Chaos

                             Choreography: Amanda LaRusic

                             Dancers: Amanda LaRusic, Melissa Page-Webster, Jennifer Rodgers


                             Spill Herself Away

                             Choreography: Marcia Dysart

                             Music composed and performed by: Katie Bestvater

                             Dancers: Amy Boudreau, Rachel Hiltz



                             Choreographed and performed by: Darryl Tracy


Sunday, June 26

Pop-up dance performance at the Queen Square Farmers Market!

11:00, 11:30       Sound of My Heart  

&12:00               Choreography: Gabrielle Pelltier 

                            Students from InterAction School of Performing Arts  

1:00-3:00pm    Workshop with Darryl Tracy

                            InterAction School of Performing Arts | $15

“Explorations” is a workshop based in movement facilitated through set improvisational structures. This workshop is designed for anyone interested in movement and discovery. Choreographer Darryl Tracy brings improvisation into his choreographic process and creates a safe and fun environment for all participants. In addition, external inspirational sources will be introduced into the workshop, including music/images/sound layering as well as partnering.


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